Handling Customer Complaints Correctly Is What Needs To Be Done

June 20, 2019 0 By Gennaro Marcelo
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You may think this is the beginning of a positive thinking session, but I’m sorry to disappoint you- it is not! In this discussion we will be talking about a negative thing that everyone could get a positive impact from. May it be personally, or as a business. Suppose you are a business organization and you particularly are more in to services. Yes, you can either be a hospital, a bank, a university or even a beautician to provide a specific service to a set of customers. If you provide a good service, you get good comments and as a result, more sales, but there is any lapse in your service, you know what you will be getting in return right? Yes, Complaints! Complaints together with bad comments and no sales again in return!But, what if we say these negative comments and complaints can be successfully turned in to positive insights with proper Software quality assurance ?

What if we say there is a way that your business organization could minimize customer turnover in the future because there will be all most no unhappy customers with regards to your service? Yes, all these are possible. What is needed is proper management and monitoring. Today customers are the most powerful, and the businesses have no power to control them at all. With the emerging social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and etc this state has become worse than ever. If a customer is unhappy about a service he gets from a hotel, all he has to do is to go to Facebook, create a post mentioning the name of the hotel and then publish it.

This is an activity that would only take a couple of minutes, but the impact can go till millions because it is all about reputation. So, it is vital to address what so ever the complaint is, and this is why, mingling with the technologies customer complaint handling software has been designed exclusively to deal with complaints and to have a track of them. According to the field that your business organization operates in, this software can be customized, keeping the core scopes in them. Basically what happens through such software is proper communication all throughout the complaint handling process. At the very instance a complaint is received, proper acknowledgement is provided through the software to the customer and all necessary details are recorded for the use of the business organization. Then until the step where the customer is provided with a satisfactory resolution, all steps are handled by this software and this is indeed a good reputation management system too.